It’s no secret that a lot goes into planning your perfect day. One of the first decisions a bride and groom will make is whether they wish to have an indoor or outdoor wedding—a decision often made in tandem with the time of year they’ll be wed. After you’ve weighed the options on all of the choices, from venue to menu and everything in-between, after you and your spouse-to-be are pulled in all different directions over where to be wed, when to be wed, what you’ll wear when you’re wed, deciding on an indoor or outdoor wedding is one of the most important choices you’ll have to make.

And unless you’re already sure about whether you want your wedding indoors or out, chances are you’re weighing all the pros and cons of each and wondering if you’ll need to compromise.

Let’s weigh these options together.

So, you’ve always wanted to have an outdoor wedding. You feel one with nature, and the beautiful fall foliage or flowers in spring make the picture-perfect backdrop you’ve always dreamed of for your wedding. But what are the drawbacks of an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception?

Most notably the weather. There really is no way to plan for dark and gloomy days. Will you be distressed on your wedding day when the sun has retired behind a cloud and the rain starts to fall in buckets? Be mindful of the chances you take when planning an outdoor wedding.

If you’re a Type A bride or groom and you prefer the comfort of having control over the weather’s sway on your big day, indoor wedding ceremonies and receptions may be just the fit for you and your partner. But not necessarily without their own drawbacks.

An indoor venue may pose some space restraints for your guests, depending on the size of your party (and the venue itself). It may also affect the maneuverability of your photographer or videographer.

Best of Both Worlds
Eastlyn Golf Course & The Greenview Inn understands your dilemma. Indoor versus outdoor—ceremony and reception. That’s why they make it simple to bring the party indoors due to unfavorable weather with their beautiful Ballroom and Rosie’s Room.

Indoor at Eastlyn Golf Course & The Greenview Inn

The private events facility consists of several options of varying sizes to accommodate all wedding guests comfortably.

  • 4,543 square feet of space
  • Can comfortably accommodate up to 300 guests for a wedding reception

Rosie’s Room:

  • 1,570 square feet of space
  • Can accommodate up to 75 guests


Outdoor at Eastlyn Golf Course & The Greenview Inn

If you’re planning to tie the knot outdoors, the pergola at Eastlyn Golf Course & The Greenview Inn offers a stunning backdrop. White padded ceremony chairs are set up to accommodate your guests, and golf carts are available to take pictures with your photographer and bridal party on the golf course.

Planning your wedding? Let Eastlyn Golf Course & The Greenview Inn play its part. Contact us to learn more about our venue and catering services by scheduling your appointment and start planning the first day of the rest of your life

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