Fall is a beautiful time to hold a wedding. Not only is the weather comfortable, but the season also presents many special details that are easy to incorporate into your ceremony. To help you plan your big day, we’re sharing some of the season’s most exciting wedding trends.

  1. Color

Deep, dramatic shades are synonymous with the season. This year, however, there’s a bit more variation. You’ll still find the traditional pinks, wines, and plums that give fall palettes their glamour, but there are also icy blush pinks, rich eggplants, and warm wines that recall the vintage glamour of bygone eras. If you want to add a cool touch to your palette, consider a bronze or silver metallic. They’ll complement these shades nicely and create an elegant focal point.

  1. Fashion

Fall means cooler weather, which translates to warmer styles for the bridal party. A long, sleek skirt paired with a cashmere wrap looks polished. Footwear, too, can be adventurous. Shimmering wedges make it easier to walk down the aisle, while charming low-profile heels that lace up the ankle add femininity to a shorter bridal ensemble.

  1. Flowers

The key word for fall flowers is fresh. Opt for a brilliantly bold bouquet composed of dahlias to stay right on trend. Table arrangements can be creative, too, using the power of autumnal bay leaves, ivy vines, and berry bundles to add a pop of color to the mix.

  1. Cake

Height is a major factor in the creation of fall wedding cakes. The taller, the better! Use that height to add unusual, whimsical décor to each section. Popular additions include floral embellishments, sparkling jewels, and hand-painted artistry.

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