Winter weddings offer just as many opportunities to get creative as their warm weather counterparts in addition to being budget-friendly. Make your nuptials a wonderland your guests won’t soon forget with ideas tailored to the season. Think of adjectives such as warm, romantic, and cozy as you plan your dream event.

How to Make Your Winter Wedding Special

  1. Illuminate with Candles

Create an intimate environment with dozens of candles. If it’s too dark, add twinkling lights for a fairy-tale ambiance. Dim lighting pays homage to the holiday season and provides a romantic vibe.

  1. Serve Warm Food

Help guests warm up by with an array of hot foods beginning with the appetizers and moving on to soups and entrees. Stick to warm desserts as well, such as molten chocolate cake and piping-hot pies instead of ice cream.

  1. Let Your Decor Reflect What You Love About Winter

Allow your favorite aspects about the season inspire your decor options. For example, if you love skiing and other outdoor winter activities, add these elements to your wedding via creative table arrangements and party favors. If you enjoy the holidays, add glittering wreaths and ornaments to the banquet hall.

  1. Provide Hot Drinks

Maintain the warm theme with plenty of hot drinks, including teas, coffee, and mulled wines. Offer seasonal favorites, like brown liquor cocktails to add a festive and familiar touch.

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