Like luxurious cakes and flowing gowns, flowers are a traditional staple of wedding receptions. There are many ways to get creative with the floral arrangements, so your big day reflects your theme, style, and personality. If you’re looking for unique ideas for decorating your upcoming reception, here are a few beautiful options to consider.

5 Flower Décor Ideas for Weddings

  1. Hanging Flower Photo Wall  

Using a vertical planter, pallet, or shelving unit, you can create a lush wall of flowers to match the style of your celebration. To add an even more personal touch to the decoration, fix various photos of you and your partner throughout the display. You might also use the wall as a backdrop for guests to take “photo booth” style pictures during the event.

  1. Decadent Centerpieces

Adding floral centerpieces to the guest tables—as well as the wedding party table—is a lovely way to add pops of color throughout the wedding venue. To add a special touch to these displays, submerge the flowers in a vase full of water or illuminate the glass with a glowing light. If you want more table space, you can hang floral planters over the seating area.

  1. Scattered Rose Petals  

Scattering rose petals around the venue can create a truly romantic vibe for the reception. For example, they may be placed along the entryway to lead you and your spouse to the dance floor as you make a debut as a new couple. Another option is to decorate table runners with petals or around candle holders.

  1. Floral Arches

A floral arch is a grand, romantic statement piece to have during the wedding reception. Place this decorative addition at the venue entry to introduce guests to a decadent celebration space. The floral arch may also sit behind the wedding party to create a picturesque photo backdrop.

  1. Decorated Chair Backs

If you use open-back chairs for guest seating, it may be possible to weave flowers and vines around the open spaces. Sitting in chairs blanketed by stylish flowers and greenery will make your family and friends feel like royalty.

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