A wedding is a series of beautiful moments: reciting vows, putting on rings, and sharing a night with those you love. Each one is supported by an intricate system: somewhere, a coordinator is directing staff, equipment is being set up, and dishes are being prepared. On top of looking outstanding, your venue needs to work — and that’s why some of the most memorable weddings happen on golf courses. These are just a few ways we hlep you with your wedding planning.

  1. Event Experience

Black-tie receptions, reunions, weddings — if the event requires care and sophistication, Eastlyn’s event coordinator has done it. Our staff hosts events year-round to complete clientele satisfaction. “Dina,” one Google reviewer writes, “will go above and beyond to make your event perfect.”

  1. All-Inclusive Service

Trade that wedding checklist for a glass of champagne. At Eastlyn, you only plan what you want: we cover everything from photography to meals. Put together your dream menu with Executive Chef Robert Buono Junior — he’s earned praise from vegans and meat-eaters alike.

  1. Total Accommodation

Golf courses are equipped to handle a variety of needs. With a kind, patient staff and enough space to accommodate children and golf carts for older family members, Eastlyn helps each guest enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

  1. Personalized Setting

Each Eastlyn wedding is unique. Pick your dream backdrop:

  • Up to 300 guests can dine and dance in the elegant Ballroom.
  • Up to 75 guests can enjoy a locally-sourced dinner in Rosie’s Room for a more intimate event.
  • Rain or shine, the outside patio provides a beautiful view for up to 130 guests.
  • Outdoor weddings take place at the vibrant Pergola, which overlooks the golf course.
  1. Something Special

Eastlyn was built to be more than a golf course. Designer Francis Galbati sought to preserve the rusticity of the 119 acres of land upon which the course was built. He introduced a vast collection of plant and animal life, creating a vibrant, picturesque setting you can’t find at every golf course.

From tiny details to spectacular views, golf courses provide everything needed for a perfect wedding. Let Eastlyn make your day unforgettable. Call us at (856) 691-5558 extension 3 to book your date today.