Your wedding day is an opportunity to celebrate the incredible bond you have with your fiancé and mark the start of a new chapter in your lives. Preparing for your wedding should be an exciting and inspiring process. But for many brides, wedding planning can quickly turn into an overwhelming endeavor, causing nothing by stress. But don’t worry. We have five tips that will help you get through to the big day. Follow the below five tips to help plan your wedding without the hassle:

Begin With the Big Picture
Before making the first to-do list, have an honest conversation with your fiancé about the type of celebration you both want. Do you see yourselves having a sunny outdoor wedding surrounded by guests? Would you like a lavish event, or do you prefer a more affordable reception venue? Establish a plan for your big day to help stay on track when wading through a host of details.

Pay Attention to Your Feelings
The additional stress of planning your wedding while balancing a busy work and home life can make you feel exhausted or irritable. Stay aware of your feelings to recognize when you need a break from planning. Take time for a relaxing activity such as a quiet walk with your fiancé, an evening with friends or a luxurious massage.

Start Early
Feeling rushed will only make the planning process more stressful. Tackle big tasks, such as finding a local wedding venue, early in the planning process to make it easier to focus on smaller details afterward.

Manage Expectations
When preparing for your big day, it can be easy to feel like you have to meet many different expectations. Seeking input from family and friends is a great idea, but it’s important to recognize that you don’t have to please everyone. Remember, it’s most important that you and your groom are happy with your wedding day plans.

Keep Perspective
When feeling pressure to make decisions and sort through details, it can be easy to lose touch with the best part of planning a wedding: marrying the love of your life! If event planning starts to feel too burdensome, take a step back and remind yourself that your big day is about honoring your love for each other.