Wedding traditions have long had a way of being, well, traditional. And the truth is, many modern weddings have deviated from tradition, but there are few that are hard to shake and feel more like requirements than common options. Our wedding planners offer their take on which wedding traditions you shouldn’t feel tied to.

Here are our five wedding traditions that you can skip at your wedding.

#1: Wearing a Traditional Dress

The first tradition you can skip? A white or ivory wedding dress. There’s nothing wrong with being traditional, but you shouldn’t feel limited to white lace and trains. You should be yourself, however most you feel comfortable and beautiful. Wear a pantsuit, wear bright red, wear a top hat on your head. Whatever you choose, be you!

#2: Matching Your Bridesmaids
While we’re on the topic of dresses, don’t be afraid of mixing up your bridesmaids’ looks. From hair and accessories to the dresses they wear, there’s really nothing special about a cookie-cutter look. We have seen countless weddings at our venue featuring bridesmaids in all different colors and styles—and those were the most memorable compared to a uniform look.

#3: Inviting Only Family and Your Wedding Party to the Rehearsal

Your rehearsal dinner is not only about nailing down the details of your day, it’s about celebrating with the ones you love most. Don’t limit your rehearsal dinner to family and your wedding party. Invite your closest friends, and particularly those out-of-towners who drove down or flew in for your big day. After all, longstanding wedding traditions don’t make the rules. You do!

#4: Tossing Your Bouquet

The bouquet toss can be a fun, lighted-hearted moment for the singles at your wedding, but do you really want to call out their singleness? It could be a little awkward. Not to mention, you’re throwing a very expensive bouquet of flowers across the room and likely onto the floor. You may even want to save your flowers by hanging them upside-down to dry out. So, instead of tossing your bouquet, you may want to toss out this tradition altogether.

#5: Sticking to Traditional Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

If your bridesmaids and groomsmen are exclusive to gender, you could be missing out. If you have a best guy friend, make him your bridesman. Best lady friend, sister, or family member? Make her your groomsgirl. There are no rules when you’re the one to be wed.

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