Brides and grooms often wait until the ceremony to first lay eyes on each other on their wedding day. In more recent years, people have chosen to break this tradition and take photos ahead of time. We understand the pros and cons associated with first-look photos. So let’s take a look at both the advantages and disadvantages associated with first-look photos: 

1. Tradition

There are many rituals associated with wedding celebrations; waiting until you reach the altar to see your spouse on the big day is one of them. Many people believe that breaking this tradition could lead to an unsuccessful marriage. If you’re a fan of ritual or buy into wedding-day superstitions, then don’t go the first-look route.  

2. Time

Opting to take first-look photos means you’ll have more time to pose for pictures with family and the bridal party later. If there’s traffic getting to the venue, an important item was left at home or any other events delay activities, you’ll make up for lost time by taking photos beforehand. 

3. Candid Shots 

Another argument against first-look pictures is that the poses and gestures, while cute, are staged. Snapping photos while walking down the aisle gives the photographer an opportunity to capture the spontaneous giggles, smiles, laughter, and tears of joy you and your soon-to-be spouse experience at first sight. 

4. Pre-Event Nerves

It’s natural to be nervous on your wedding day. Taking photos before the ceremony is a good way to relieve pre-event jitters. You’ll loosen up during the photo session and also get a chance to spend quality one-on-one time with your fiancé before you take center stage together.