Your wedding reception will likely be the largest party you’ll ever throw. And while it’s all about letting loose and having fun, planning where and how to seat your guests can be a bit of a headache. There’s a flow to the process of planning a wedding seating chart stress-free. And with a little organized planning, you’ll be able to check this off your list and move on to the next big thing before your wedding.

Our wedding planners here at Eastlyn Golf Course & The Greenview Inn offer our tips on planning the perfect wedding seating chart below. So, take a seat, take some notes, and get ready to put your chart to bed.

Nailing Down the Guest List
If you haven’t yet finalized the guest list for your wedding, our experts suggest making this the very first thing you do before sitting down to plan your wedding seating chart. Adding just one couple after the wedding seating chart is finished can throw everything off, so be sure your guest list is nailed down before you begin.

Deciding on Tables
Before you start planning where guests will be seated, you’ll need to figure out the size, shape, and quantity of tables you’ll need. Table shapes and sizes will dictate how many guests can be seated per table, and you’ll want to ensure your venue can accommodate all guests comfortably. Once you figure out how many tables you’ll need and how many guests can be seated at each, you can start grouping your guests.

Grouping Guests
At this step in the wedding seating chart process, it’s important to think carefully about each of your guests. Yes, there may be 150 to think about, but you want each and every guest to feel comfortable and have a great time. First, start grouping guests by who they know. This isn’t a hard rule, so don’t be afraid to mix it up. Eastlyn suggests spreading some of the social butterflies throughout the room who are good at breaking the ice. You may even want to sit guests you know will get the party started near the dance floor!

Getting Crafty
There’s a wealth of online tools available to help you plan your wedding seating chart, but our wedding planners suggest getting crafty. It’s much easier to have something you can physically touch so you can arrange guests and tables in front of you rather than on screen. Go to the dollar store and get a stack of poster board. Cut out tables according to shape and find something to symbolize guests. This way, you’ll be able to move them around and even rearrange the groupings you made before this step if needed.

Handling Guests with a History
Let’s face it—some guests just don’t get along, and you’re all but forced to invite them. This is a common problem many couples face on their wedding day. But, with a little preplanning, you can arrange your wedding seating chart so that everyone is comfortable.

For guests who mix like oil and water, you may want to seat them at opposite ends of the room. The last thing you need is any toxic energy at your reception. Consider seating guests who don’t get along with those they feel most comfortable. And if all else fails, let the wedding planners or venue hosts about the situation, and they’ll keep a watchful eye.

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